ICYMI: Geekly Weekly News Round-Up

Geekly Weekly is returning to bring you the top 10 stories from last week that you may have missed!

Star Wars Land has an official opening date! (well an opening year anyway, but it’s something, right?)


Jedis and Sith Lords alike better start saving their pennies because the next couple years will be good for Star Wars fans. In 2019, the final movie of the new trilogy will be released, but not just that. Disney has also finally announced that Star Wars fans can expect Star Wars Land to be open to the public sometime in 2019. With new attractions such as one that allow us to take a ride in the Millenium Falcon, like so many others, we are counting down the days.

Source: Disney

John Williams wins his 23rd Grammy Award


The 85 year old legendary composer just won his 23rd Grammy Award for his timeless cinematic scores. While the Grammy John Williams won on Sunday night is the fifth Grammy that he has won for the Star Wars franchise, Williams is also known for his work on movies such as Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Superman and many, many others. The composer isn’t slowing down either and has a few future projects already lined up.

Source: Yahoo

Baby Fiona breaks the internet!

A baby hippo that was born prematurely and is being taken care of the zookeeper staff at the Cincinnati Zoo is melting hearts all over social media. The Cincinnati Zoo has documented Fiona’s progress on their social media accounts since she was born. Fiona has fans all over the world who are cheering her on as we watch her move into bigger pools to even her first teething experience.

Source: Twitter

Justice League Synopsis Revealed?!


After a picture leaked on Reddit, many are wondering if the Justice League Synopsis was revealed to the public. Read our report on this…but be warned that spoilers are ahead.

Lego Batman Movie is top of box office.

In a sequel battle that is cracking up the Twitterverse, the Lego Batman Movie has dominated the box office, beating out movies such as Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick 2, this weekend.

Source: Twitter

Godzilla 2 will begin production in June

Everyone’s favorite reptilian monster is back. Starting in June, Godzilla 2 will begin filming in Atlanta for the film that is scheduled to be released in 2019. The movie will feature three monsters in addition to Godzilla itself.

Source: www.godzilla-movies.com

Dick Van Dyke’s Mary Poppins role revealed

Dick Van Dyke will be making an appearance in the new Mary Poppins film, however he will not be returning to his role of Bert. Instead, he will be playing the son of another character he played in the movie. While he is loved for Bert, Van Dyke also played the role of Mr. Dawes who was an unkind and angry bank president. For the upcoming movie, Van Dyke will play the role of Mr. Dawes’ son.

Source: Comicbook.com

Kevin Smith confirms that Clerks 3 dead but Jay and Silent Bob will be back

In an Instagram post, Kevin Smith announced that due to casting drop outs, plans for a Clerks 3 has been scrapped. However, in the same post Smith announced that he is currently working on writing a Jay and Silent Bob sequel. Expect lots of cameos and familiar faces!

Source: Instagram  

DC releases Teen Titans: The Judas Contract trailer

Though there is no release date, DC released the trailer for The Judas Contract this week. In this new film, fans can expect to see Deathstroke and Terra. This will follow in the steps of Justice League vs. Teen Titans. Do not expect to hear the voice actors from Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.  Also the film will be a bit darker so may not be suitable for all children.

Source: DC

E3 will officially be open to the public

©Electronic Entertainment Expo

For the first time ever the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, will officially be opening their doors to the public. Previous years the Expo was exclusive to those in the industry, invited guests and through promotions such as the Xbox Fan Fest where tickets were given away to attendees.

Source: Twitter

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