We’re looking for feature-writers, podcast producers, and filmmakers for Nerd Rush!

Who are we?

Nerd Rush started in 2015 as a podcast. Just a few guys sitting around discussing topics they were passionate about. We averaged about 1000+ downloads a month. Not huge, but an accomplishment we’re very proud of. After a year, the tide shifted. We started getting invited to cover events, a wide-array of events – from red carpet premiers to conventions. With a combined 15+ years’ experience in film and video production, we decided to launch a web channel to showcase some of those events – thus, Nerd Rush TV was born. Rather than get lost in the mix of similar news and web channels, we took some time off to develop a fresh, unique spin on this concept. This is where we need your help.

What are we looking for?

Creative, passionate and talented story tellers who want an outlet to share their work. More specifically, we’re looking for feature writers, radio documentary/podcast producers, and video producers. No experience necessary but all your passion and drive is.

Let’s talk pay.

I’ll be completely frank with you, we cannot offer pay at this time. Your mileage and various expenses will certainly be covered. Unfortunately, we’re so new at this that we’re not even making money ourselves. Everything is supplemented by our “day” jobs. Our ultimate goal is to make Nerd Rush a self-sufficient entity. To that end, we pour all of our time and resources into connecting and networking with the right people and groups to ensure maximum exposure for Nerd Rush. At the same time, we have a very clear-cut business plan that focuses on that growth. You, your time, and your work will never be taken for granted or go unnoticed. Once we’re at a point of earning revenue, you’ll be the first ones that money goes to. We understand this is not something we can do without your support.

What we offer

  • Equipment access – we don’t have a ton of equipment but the equipment we have is high quality. You’ll have access to use it, assuming it’s not already being used, to produce your stories.
  • No non-compete – feel free to pursue other projects at the same time. Do you have a channel, blog, podcast of your own? No problem! Let’s partner up and help each other grow.
  • Access to events as press – we’re not in the big leagues yet but we have been fortunate enough to receive some unprecedented access to many events not generally open to outlets of our size.
  • Networking opportunities – with that access come access to the people you want to meet to further your careers – public relations practitioners, producers, agents, you name it.
  • Resume builder, experience – You’ll be able to add our name to your resume and include the work you do as part of your reel or portfolio.
  • Reimbursement for expenses incurred – We’re asking you to work for free but we understand it’s still not free. We got your gas and any other expenses, deemed necessary, covered.
  • School credit – Are you here for work experience and credit? We got you covered. But let’s not stop there, if you like the work we do you’re more than welcome to stick around long after school is over.

What we’re asking for

  • Fun, unique story-driven feature articles based on the science, tech, and entertainment industries.
  • Passion for the story you are writing.
  • Availability for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pitch meetings (in person or via Skype), depending on your commitment.
  • Commitment to deadlines.
  • Commitment to yourself; self-driven.

Ready to apply?

Send us your resume, a link to your reel/portfolio (if you have one), and answer the following question:

-What do you nerd out about?

Additionally, please send us the following depending on the position you’re interested in. Note that nothing you submit will be shared outside of the hiring team. It is simply to help make our decisions.

  • Feature writers: write a short feature-style article (300-500) words on any topic that interests you.
  • Radio documentary hosts/producers: a short (:30 – 1 minute) pitch, either audio only or video, on a topic that interests you that you would like to produce. Nothing fancy.
  • Filmmakers: a short (:30 – 1 minute) pitch on a topic that interests you that you would like to produce. Nothing fancy, talking heads are just fine.

Email your inquiries and submissions to careers@nerdrushtv.com. Be sure to put the position or positions you’re applying for in the subject line. Once we go through them all, we’ll reach out and schedule some in-person or Skype interviews and go over everything in greater detail. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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